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I'm Belle and I'm a stand-up comedian.  As a Max Turner semi finalist and winner of the clap-off at the Rising Stars and Chaos Comedy, I like finding the funny in the unfunny such as the Fibonacci Sequence.  I was born with spina bifida and severe scoliosis so I'm half comedian, half Harrington rod and half mathematician.  

I haven't always made people laugh, well not intentionally at least.  Indeed I've spent most of my career in the seriously unfunny corporate world.  I began my creative journey in 2016 and haven't looked back but that's probably because of the spinal fusion.  I have worked on developing my artistic and creative muscles. Gaining skills in video and sound editing, animation and cartooning.  All in addition to perfecting the art of stand-up.  In fact, all things funny.


 Much love and gratitude,

Belle Fin x

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